We are starting a new class called “Step Ahead” for pre-school children of ages 3-4.

Students will learn the visual recognition of the 5 Elements of Shape and how to use them in the recognition of the Alphabet, the Numbering system, the Drawing of their own name, and simplistic drawings of creatures from nature. The class consists of sensory activity, story time and guided drawing and craft projects. Mixed media is explored.
The Step Ahead program improves concentration, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. It also improves proficiency in pre-drawing and reading readiness which makes it a great program for transitioning into a formal pre-school program.

Time:It is a one hour class once a week on Saturdays from 11:00am -12pm.
Fees: $104.00 for a one month session (4 classes) or $290.00 for a three month session (12 classes).

Space in the class is limited to six students so pre-registration is encouraged.

To register please contact the Monart Art School of Ottawa at .