The aim of a guided visit to the National Gallery of Canada for children is simply to introduce them to the language of art. Visual literacy begins with drawing and it can become sophisticated by observation. We all learn spoken language from repetition of sounds. Thus looking at art and learning how to read visually is essential in learning the language of art.
What each student will learn first is how to look at a painting. It is okay to be unfamiliar with how to do this and asking questions is encouraged. Sketching at the gallery will become a teaching tool as well as a tool for personal expression.
Each visit will consist of discovering paintingsbeginning with pre-renaissance in the western art section of the gallery, including Baroque and the impressionists. Students will sketch from the masterpieces and will learn about the artists, the materials and the techniques used.
Each visit is 90 minutes and the group is limited to 6 students. The course includes 3 visits to the National Gallery.
Age groups include 8-12 years and teens.
Dates are TBA. Please call us if interested and we can provide more details.