Supplies for Oil Painting Students

Many of our students who have been at the school for a number of years are now ready to begin painting in oils. Oil painting supplies are significantly more expensive than the media that we normally use at the school. Also, the more permanent and personal nature of oils means that each student should have their own “kit” which they can maintain (clean) themselves and bring to class for their own use.

We are asking each student to purchase :

1. Carrying case for their supplies. This could be either a wooden case or a plastic utility box made for oil painters.
2.Tubes of primary colors. 1 tube each of cadmium yellow, cadmium blue, cadmium red, black and titanium white. Student quality paints in the house brands of Loomis & Toles or Wallachs are perfectly fine. If you decide to buy a brand of better paints (Winsor & Newton or Rembrandt etc.) please do not purchase Reeves brand paints!
3. Cleaning Solvent. 1 plastic bottle for cleaning brushes.
4. Liquin. 1 small jar.
5. Brushes. Buy Hog Bristle brushes of the best quality you can reasonably afford. Buy size 2,4,6 and 8 in both round and flat styles for a total of 8 brushes.
6. Canvases. Monart will supply the first canvas for the oil painting course, but subsequent canvases are your responsibility. Buy a supply of 3 or 4 at a time in a size dependent upon what the student wishes to paint. Buy the style made from wooden stretchers and gessoed canvas rather than the Frederix canvas boards.